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How can counselling help?

  • Most problems assume a less frightening dimension once they are aired, enabling you to move more freely.

  • By supporting you to start looking at old difficulties in a new way. 

  • A clearer view of things may give you increased self-confidence and enable you to free yourself of unwanted thoughts and feelings like worry, anxiety and depression. 

Sat on the Rocks

  • Difficulties may crop up in our lives for a wide variety of reasons and it is at these times talking to a counsellor could be most useful.

  • You can talk about anything that is affecting you.

  • Sometimes it is not in our own best interest to talk about our difficulties with family members, friends or colleagues. Counselling enables your issues to be explored in a non-directive, non-judgmental and empathic (understanding) way.

If you think counselling could help you, get in touch to learn more.

How can counselling help?: Services
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